The Legal Intelligencer Quotes Hope Lefeber in Philadelphia Traffic Court Story

Federal criminal defense attorney Hope C. Lefeber was quoted in a story in The Legal Intelligencer regarding the case against Philadelphia Traffic Court judges, which is underway in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Lefeber, who has practiced criminal defense since 1979, said jury demographics play a substantial part in federal cases.

“That’s why there’s an enormously high conviction rate,” she said of federal cases where jurors come from different parts of the Eastern District.

Even if the prosecution reveals a significant amount of ticket-fixing, Lefeber told The Legal’s P.J. D’Annunzio that jurors may question whether the case was worth the taxpayer money it took to fund a “full-blown” investigation.

“The investigation probably cost more than the ticket-fixing. We’re not letting murderers free, these are traffic tickets,” Lefeber said in the June 13, 2014 story.

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