"The Best Attorney, Person, Individual, to Hire for your Defense"

Ms. Hope Lefeber is an extremely caring, compassionate, understanding, and very well versed attorney. She puts her clients first and makes you feel at ease even through trying times. She not only works with the client, but with the family as well in keeping you abreast of what is happening and expectations. She is always available to talk and does not just push you aside. Her calming voice, detailed answers, and just her overall spirit tells you right away she is on your side and willing to fight for you, especially if the government is trying to accuse you of something you know that you are completely innocent. When our family first met Ms. Lefeber she immediately listened and was able to fully understand what was happening as our son is facing federal charges. Ms. Lefeber explores the facts and gives you her honest feedback even though it is hard to comprehend at first. She breaks down everything in detail and is able to put your mind at easy just knowing she is on your side. I know what impressed our family the most was the way she stepped up after we had a horrible attorney who was not there for our sons benefit. She immediately started taking action with no hesitation and making contact with the proper individuals. If you want an Attorney who’s going to fight for you and not make you feel like you are guilty before being proven innocent you need to hire Ms. Hope Lefeber she is an extraordinary attorney, individual, and overall person. “She’s not just in it for the money, but to win, for you the client”.