"She Worked a Miracle for Us"

The deck was stacked against us. Through my research, I found that my husband’s accusers, the U.S. government, boasted a 93 percent overall conviction rate. They offered my husband a plea agreement that was not much less than the time he would spend incarcerated if he were found guilty. The government provided us with an overwhelming amount of evidence, documents on top of documents … a mountain of evidence. Also, thankfully, we did not know it at the time but our assigned judge had only had ONE not guilty verdict in his nine years on the bench. I know … it looks pretty bad, right? Into our lives walks attorney Hope C. Lefeber.

In our very first conversation with Lefeber, she gained our confidence. She believed in us and was outraged by the accusations. She was able to determine a viable defense strategy that she had not used before but she was confident that she could be prepared in time for the trial.

Attorney Lefeber battled head-to-head against the government and all their weaponry, which included a witness list of multiple expert witnesses, last-minute filings of evidence, being denied the ability to use a vital part of our defense strategy, not to mention our limited resources versus the vast resources of our government. Our case was extremely challenging and intricate. The U.S. government came at us full force, both barrels blasting. However, the government did not have our weapon, attorney Lefeber. She displayed patience, professionalism, tenacity, and great attention to detail and discernment that comes only with years of experience. She was able to appropriately compartmentalize the mountains of evidence to review critical elements and provide us with THE defense strategy that brought us VICTORY through a jury trial. Afterwards, we were told it was only the second NOT GUILTY verdict in nine years for this judge’s courtroom.

Attorney Lefeber has such an innately disarming personality, the jury easily connected with her. Through her great attention to detail and brilliant lines of questioning, she was able to turn several of the U.S. Attorney’s witnesses into witnesses for the defense. She is high energy, tolerant, funny, charming, and a very genuine person. Attorney Lefeber shared information with us in a timely manner but shielded us as she saw fit from what she knew would be upsetting to us. Her communication style is open and straight-forward, yet caring. She was a pleasure with which to work and she worked a miracle for us! I recommend attorney Hope C. Lefeber without hesitation or reservation. "No weapon formed against you shall prosper."