"Sincere, Professional and Highly Recommended"

Hope C. Lefeber is sincere, professional and highly recommended.

I was facing 240 years, and, with Hope’s representation, I received just one year of home confinement. She is an extraordinary criminal defense attorney. She listens intently to everything you have to say and is eager to learn everything about the case, leaving no stones unturned. She took the time to read through my indictment while on vacation before I had even retained her. Other attorneys that I had interviewed wouldn’t even take the time to read the indictment without having a retainer in hand first.

Hope is extremely compassionate, warm, caring and intelligent and has an unbeatable work ethic. She is always attentive and available. She represented me for over a four-year period and each and every time that I contacted her either by email or phone call, she responded to me immediately, even if she was out of town. As many times that I contacted her, she contacted me more. Not only was she my defense attorney, but she became my friend and even my therapist at times. She was there for me when I cried and never ever rushed to get off the phone with me, but rather listened and offered comforting words to me. She truly cares.

I was one of the rare defendants in a federal case that went to trial up against the government. When Hope enters the courtroom, she makes a strong impact. Her delivery is captivating. Despite the fact that I was found guilty by a jury, Hope was able, during the lengthy trial, to prove the inconsistencies of the government’s allegations against me. The prosecutor in my case portrayed me as a criminal on paper, but Hope was able to portray me to the judge as the truly good woman and mother that I am. She fought a long battle for my life which ended favorably, rather than tragically. I am writing this from the comfort of my home, surrounded by my children and my pets. Hope will be a lifelong friend of mine.