"Contact Hope, Thankfully I Did"

The Department of Justice is a force not to be reckoned with! You need a seasoned expert in your corner to navigate you through the many twists and turns that your case will take. Hope Lefeber's extensive experience with the criminal Justice system and her established relationships with the people that want to hold you accountable allow her to telegraph you effectively through the long, hazardous and emotional wrenching process. Hope’s network of professional resources as well as her ability and willingness to consult with other legal professionals is an invaluable resource during your time of legal jeopardy. From the time I was contacted by the Department of Justice until I pled guilty for a tax offense and subsequently had to face a judge at sentencing there were many complex decisions that had to be made in order to manage to the best outcome. Thankfully, the punishment was a probationary sentence for which I am most grateful. My freedom was at stake and Hope’s insight into the process allowed for this type of outcome to present itself as an option when in the beginning stages there was no clear path to it. If you find yourself as a target of an investigation, contact Hope, thankfully I did.