Complex Bitcoin-related IRS Case

In 2018 I was made aware that I was under IRS-CI investigation for unreported cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) income I earned in 2013-2015. At the time, I originally obtained legal representation from a very expensive large firm based in New York and spent quite literally a small fortune over 3 years working with them and their forensic accountants. Ultimately, I didn’t have enough cash on hand to continue with that firm to get to a plea deal and ultimately sentencing But this is when I found Hope Lefeber. She immediately listened and understood the complexities in my case and worked with me on my short-term financial obstacles. Throughout our engagement, Hope was upfront and honest with me regarding what I could be facing, and never once instilled fear in me like the previous lawyers. Eventually, with her commitment, Hope was able to secure a non-custodial sentence for me, which was the best-case scenario for me and my family. Hope literally altered my perception of lawyers, my only regret was not finding her sooner.