"One of the Most Reputable, Talented, and Effective White-Collar Crime Defense Attorneys"

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney who is strategic, effective, diligent, organized, and fearless in greater New York City area and beyond, you must hire Hope.

I was her client for defending the charge of wire fraud. She is a true believer of Blackstone's formulation, i.e. "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." Before and during my trial, Hope had spent tireless, sleepless, and heroic efforts on preparations of the defendant's motions and defense.

I was greatly impressed by her skills in direct and cross examinations during the trial. In fact, she exhibited her amazing ability of turning every single government witness into the credible and effective defendant's witness. She was persistent in exploring all the possible options in order to prevent an innocent defendant like myself from being wrongly convicted. She is very knowledgeable in interpreting federal laws and defending clients against white-collar crimes.

I regard her as an excellent counsel who is very effective in formulating strategies and developing arguments before, during, and after the trial. She is not only a very effective trial attorney but also a friend who has great understanding of what her client has gone through during such a hard time. She cares about the well-being of her client. Hope is one of the most reputable, talented, and effective criminal defense attorneys.