I cannot express enough how incredibly grateful I am for the exceptional legal services provided by Hope. From the moment I hired Hope to represent me in my 2 years long legal battle, I knew I was in the hands of an exceptional professional. Hope has not only met but exceeded all of my expectations, ultimately leading to the complete dismissal of my case. One of the qualities that sets Hope apart is her communication. she was always available to answer my questions, address my concerns, and provide updates on the progress of my case. This level of transparency and accessibility was immensely reassuring and greatly contributed to my peace of mind during the entire legal ordeal. Her Out of the box thinking strategy's brought a positive outcome for my case. Thank you Hope, for giving me a second chance at life. You truly deserve all five stars and more.

"Hope Gave Me Hope"

I first would like to Thank Hope from the bottom of my heart, diving into an extremely complex case. I was facing 5-7 years for Health Care Fraud. She went above and beyond expectations! I highly recommend this incredible woman with genuine integrity, morale, and empathetic. Not only did I receive proper representation but my outcome was more than I had hoped for. I was kept well informed about what to expect, what usually happens and our defense approach. Well done and I recommend 100%.

"Contact Hope, Thankfully I Did"

The Department of Justice is a force not to be reckoned with! You need a seasoned expert in your corner to navigate you through the many twists and turns that your case will take. Hope Lefeber's extensive experience with the criminal Justice system and her established relationships with the people that want to hold you accountable allow her to telegraph you effectively through the long, hazardous and emotional wrenching process. Hope’s network of professional resources as well as her ability and willingness to consult with other legal professionals is an invaluable resource during your time of legal jeopardy. From the time I was contacted by the Department of Justice until I pled guilty for a tax offense and subsequently had to face a judge at sentencing there were many complex decisions that had to be made in order to manage to the best outcome. Thankfully, the punishment was a probationary sentence for which I am most grateful. My freedom was at stake and Hope’s insight into the process allowed for this type of outcome to present itself as an option when in the beginning stages there was no clear path to it. If you find yourself as a target of an investigation, contact Hope, thankfully I did.

"The Best Attorney, Person, Individual, to Hire for your Defense"

Ms. Hope Lefeber is an extremely caring, compassionate, understanding, and very well versed attorney. She puts her clients first and makes you feel at ease even through trying times. She not only works with the client, but with the family as well in keeping you abreast of what is happening and expectations. She is always available to talk and does not just push you aside. Her calming voice, detailed answers, and just her overall spirit tells you right away she is on your side and willing to fight for you, especially if the government is trying to accuse you of something you know that you are completely innocent. When our family first met Ms. Lefeber she immediately listened and was able to fully understand what was happening as our son is facing federal charges. Ms. Lefeber explores the facts and gives you her honest feedback even though it is hard to comprehend at first. She breaks down everything in detail and is able to put your mind at easy just knowing she is on your side. I know what impressed our family the most was the way she stepped up after we had a horrible attorney who was not there for our sons benefit. She immediately started taking action with no hesitation and making contact with the proper individuals. If you want an Attorney who’s going to fight for you and not make you feel like you are guilty before being proven innocent you need to hire Ms. Hope Lefeber she is an extraordinary attorney, individual, and overall person. “She’s not just in it for the money, but to win, for you the client”.

Complex Bitcoin-related IRS Case

In 2018 I was made aware that I was under IRS-CI investigation for unreported cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) income I earned in 2013-2015. At the time, I originally obtained legal representation from a very expensive large firm based in New York and spent quite literally a small fortune over 3 years working with them and their forensic accountants. Ultimately, I didn’t have enough cash on hand to continue with that firm to get to a plea deal and ultimately sentencing But this is when I found Hope Lefeber. She immediately listened and understood the complexities in my case and worked with me on my short-term financial obstacles. Throughout our engagement, Hope was upfront and honest with me regarding what I could be facing, and never once instilled fear in me like the previous lawyers. Eventually, with her commitment, Hope was able to secure a non-custodial sentence for me, which was the best-case scenario for me and my family. Hope literally altered my perception of lawyers, my only regret was not finding her sooner.

"I am Grateful for Her Patience and Diligence"

Hope Lefeber represented me in a complex regulatory criminal case where others used my engineering work products for nefarious reasons. Hope was patient to learn the technical considerations to understand where the US DOJ was missing the mark in understanding how my work was reasonable and consistent with work of others. She was ultimately able to appeal to the prosecutor to walk back a Felony conviction to dismissal so that proper justice was served. I am grateful for her patience and diligence to drive back an unjust conviction, a rare point of success in today's criminal justice system.

"One of the Most Reputable, Talented, and Effective White-Collar Crime Defense Attorneys"

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney who is strategic, effective, diligent, organized, and fearless in greater New York City area and beyond, you must hire Hope.

I was her client for defending the charge of wire fraud. She is a true believer of Blackstone's formulation, i.e. "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer." Before and during my trial, Hope had spent tireless, sleepless, and heroic efforts on preparations of the defendant's motions and defense.

I was greatly impressed by her skills in direct and cross examinations during the trial. In fact, she exhibited her amazing ability of turning every single government witness into the credible and effective defendant's witness. She was persistent in exploring all the possible options in order to prevent an innocent defendant like myself from being wrongly convicted. She is very knowledgeable in interpreting federal laws and defending clients against white-collar crimes.

I regard her as an excellent counsel who is very effective in formulating strategies and developing arguments before, during, and after the trial. She is not only a very effective trial attorney but also a friend who has great understanding of what her client has gone through during such a hard time. She cares about the well-being of her client. Hope is one of the most reputable, talented, and effective criminal defense attorneys.

"Zealously Represents Her Clients"

As both a legal professional Myself, and a consumer of legal services from many types of Attorneys, Hope is a bright star that should be cherished and called upon by anyone needing her expertise. She is acutely intelligent, honest, trustworthy, caring and a passionate advocate who exemplifies what a true ‘professional’ is – and – zealously represents her Clients. I only hope that I provide the same level of trust, honesty, intellect and passionate advocacy in the matters that I handle for Clients, and frankly, would welcome Hope into my Suite given her integrity, character, accomplishments and class.

"She Really Does Care About You"

I was facing health care fraud charges in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the company had made millions of dollars. Hope did such a great job and got me off with no charges at all. Full immunity! on something I could have easily did 5 years for. Her attention to detail toward a case is tremendous and she really does care about you and the outcome of your case. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family Hope.

"Sincere, Professional and Highly Recommended"

Hope C. Lefeber is sincere, professional and highly recommended.

I was facing 240 years, and, with Hope’s representation, I received just one year of home confinement. She is an extraordinary criminal defense attorney. She listens intently to everything you have to say and is eager to learn everything about the case, leaving no stones unturned. She took the time to read through my indictment while on vacation before I had even retained her. Other attorneys that I had interviewed wouldn’t even take the time to read the indictment without having a retainer in hand first.

Hope is extremely compassionate, warm, caring and intelligent and has an unbeatable work ethic. She is always attentive and available. She represented me for over a four-year period and each and every time that I contacted her either by email or phone call, she responded to me immediately, even if she was out of town. As many times that I contacted her, she contacted me more. Not only was she my defense attorney, but she became my friend and even my therapist at times. She was there for me when I cried and never ever rushed to get off the phone with me, but rather listened and offered comforting words to me. She truly cares.

I was one of the rare defendants in a federal case that went to trial up against the government. When Hope enters the courtroom, she makes a strong impact. Her delivery is captivating. Despite the fact that I was found guilty by a jury, Hope was able, during the lengthy trial, to prove the inconsistencies of the government’s allegations against me. The prosecutor in my case portrayed me as a criminal on paper, but Hope was able to portray me to the judge as the truly good woman and mother that I am. She fought a long battle for my life which ended favorably, rather than tragically. I am writing this from the comfort of my home, surrounded by my children and my pets. Hope will be a lifelong friend of mine.

"She Worked a Miracle for Us"

The deck was stacked against us. Through my research, I found that my husband’s accusers, the U.S. government, boasted a 93 percent overall conviction rate. They offered my husband a plea agreement that was not much less than the time he would spend incarcerated if he were found guilty. The government provided us with an overwhelming amount of evidence, documents on top of documents … a mountain of evidence. Also, thankfully, we did not know it at the time but our assigned judge had only had ONE not guilty verdict in his nine years on the bench. I know … it looks pretty bad, right? Into our lives walks attorney Hope C. Lefeber.

In our very first conversation with Lefeber, she gained our confidence. She believed in us and was outraged by the accusations. She was able to determine a viable defense strategy that she had not used before but she was confident that she could be prepared in time for the trial.

Attorney Lefeber battled head-to-head against the government and all their weaponry, which included a witness list of multiple expert witnesses, last-minute filings of evidence, being denied the ability to use a vital part of our defense strategy, not to mention our limited resources versus the vast resources of our government. Our case was extremely challenging and intricate. The U.S. government came at us full force, both barrels blasting. However, the government did not have our weapon, attorney Lefeber. She displayed patience, professionalism, tenacity, and great attention to detail and discernment that comes only with years of experience. She was able to appropriately compartmentalize the mountains of evidence to review critical elements and provide us with THE defense strategy that brought us VICTORY through a jury trial. Afterwards, we were told it was only the second NOT GUILTY verdict in nine years for this judge’s courtroom.

Attorney Lefeber has such an innately disarming personality, the jury easily connected with her. Through her great attention to detail and brilliant lines of questioning, she was able to turn several of the U.S. Attorney’s witnesses into witnesses for the defense. She is high energy, tolerant, funny, charming, and a very genuine person. Attorney Lefeber shared information with us in a timely manner but shielded us as she saw fit from what she knew would be upsetting to us. Her communication style is open and straight-forward, yet caring. She was a pleasure with which to work and she worked a miracle for us! I recommend attorney Hope C. Lefeber without hesitation or reservation. "No weapon formed against you shall prosper."

"As Professional and Responsive as You Could Be"

Hope Lefeber was as professional and responsive as you could be at her level of hire and expertise. She is the HOPE DIAMOND of criminal defense and I know this to be true, first hand. No stone goes unturned and your case is her 100 percent priority. Hope is tough but she is perfection.

"I Was Found Not Guilty On All Counts"

I recently had the good fortune to engage attorney Hope C. Lefeber to represent me in the federal court system. At the conclusion of the trial, I was found NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS of a complicated money laundering and tax structuring indictment. Attorney Lefeber is an excellent attorney; she worked tirelessly on my behalf and did an enormous amount of research on an extremely complex case. Attorney Lefeber was well prepared, she understood the facts, and this allowed her to communicate complex concepts in a simple, clear and concise manner.

Not only is Hope C. Lefeber an excellent attorney, she is a wonderful person as well. If you need a good attorney, I highly recommend Hope C. Lefeber.

"A True Advocate of Law and Justice"

I am forever indebted to Ms. Lefeber for her defense of me and for standing up for the truth. She represented who I am and never waivered nor did she fear the government or the Judge. Her representation was worth far more than the money that I paid and her value as a person exceeds anything that you can pay for.

I would like to thank Ms. Lefeber for her gallant effort on my behalf. She is a great lawyer and the last of a dying breed - a true advocate of Law and Justice.

"Competent, Caring Attorney Who Knows the Law"

Recently, I observed Hope Lefeber represent a defendant in a complicated Federal case. Hope was very well prepared and demonstrated an excellent defense for her client. She has a way of translating an abundance of issues, to items the jury can understand and relate to the case. Hope was very dedicated to her client and did a great deal of research to insure he got a fair trial. I would highly recommend Hope if you want a competent, caring attorney who knows the law and how to apply it to her cases.