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What Makes A Good Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer?

What Makes a Great Trial Lawyer? LawCrossing.com asked “What makes a great trial lawyer?” and Hope C. Lefeber weighed in. What are the two crucial traits to succeed in the courtroom? Lefeber says it’s passion and amazing communication skills. … Read More
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New U.S. Sentencing Commission publications called "Quick Facts"

The U.S. Sentencing Commission has recently developed publications in specific areas of federal sentencing called “Quick Facts” which provide helpful statistics. Below is the direct web page to the links for each Quick Facts publication:… Read More
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Third Circuit Abolishes Judicial Immunity For Witnesses

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals, in U.S.A. v. Quinn, 2013 WL 4504647, held that trial judges no longer have the authority to grant judicial immunity. The decision to grant immunity is solely within the prosecution's discretion. Read More
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Accused Have Constitutional Right to Challenge Pretrial Orders Freezing Assets Needed For Counsel Fees, ABA Argues In Amicus Brief

“…[D]efendants are presumed innocent until convicted and the prosecution has no justification for punishing a defendant prior to conviction. The federal forfeiture laws confer title on the government only at final judgment, and a pretrial adversa… Read More
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Attorney Hope Lefeber wins federal money laundering and tax structuring jury trial in a case where an owner of a check cashing store was entrapped by a federal informant. Read More
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