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Prosecutorial Misconduct

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted review in a murder case where Virginia prosecutors hid exculpatory evidence and defied a federal judge in a death-penalty case. This could be a pivotal moment for the enforcement of the “Brady Rule.” The case, W… Read More
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What Makes A Good Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer?

What Makes a Great Trial Lawyer? LawCrossing.com asked “What makes a great trial lawyer?” and Hope C. Lefeber weighed in. What are the two crucial traits to succeed in the courtroom? Lefeber says it’s passion and amazing communication skills. … Read More
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4th Amendment: Search Warrant Application for all Email Accounts Overbroad in Criminal Case.

Warrant applications by federal law enforcement officers to search all of the contents in the e-mail accounts of individuals suspected of purchasing stolen computer equipment were too broad and too general to pass Fourth Amendment scrutiny, The follo… Read More
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Third Circuit Abolishes Judicial Immunity For Witnesses

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals, in U.S.A. v. Quinn, 2013 WL 4504647, held that trial judges no longer have the authority to grant judicial immunity. The decision to grant immunity is solely within the prosecution's discretion. Read More
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U.S. Supreme Court Holds That You Do Not Have A Right To Remain Silent Unless You Explicitly Say So Before Questioning

In Salinas v. Texas, __ S. Ct. __ (June 17, 2013), No. 12-246, the United States Supreme Court held that a person who desires protection of the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination must expressly claim it immediately, prior to any que… Read More
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