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Congress has passed laws regulating what we can and cannot do regarding the quality of the air, water, and environment that surround us. Violations of these laws are typically prosecuted by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), which can impose criminal sanctions, including fines and jail time, against individuals and companies that violate federal environmental laws, such as the:

  • Clean Air Act;
  • Clean Water Act;
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act;
  • Endangered Species Act;
  • Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act; and the
  • Resource and Conservation Recovery Act.

These federal laws are incredibly complex, and alleged violations can put the lives and reputations of individuals and companies at risk.

When the EPA discovers an alleged violation of an environmental law, the individual and corporation face criminal prosecution by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Environmental Crime Section (ECS). A finding of guilt could lead to substantial fines and even time in prison. In addition, anyone convicted of violating an environmental law could be required to pay the costs of cleanup, which is often substantial.

Defending against allegations of an environmental law violation requires a comprehensive understanding of federal environmental statutes, the development of a unique defense strategy, and a lawyer who can handle a large amount of highly technical scientific evidence.

Examples of Violations of Environmental Laws

Common examples of activities that violate environmental laws include:

  • Excessive smoke emissions;
  • Improper storage, disposal, or treatment of toxic waste;
  • Spilling toxic waste;
  • Contaminating groundwater;
  • Tampering with the supply of drinking water;
  • Discharging hazardous substances into lakes, rivers, or storm drains;
  • Oil spills;
  • Asbestos violations;
  • Exceeding pollution limits; and
  • Illegally importing restricted or regulated chemicals.

Punishments for Environmental Crimes

Violating an environmental law can result in hefty fines that can easily reach into the millions of dollars. Depending on the nature of the crimes charged, a defendant could also face the possibility of prison time.

Businesses that are found to have committed environmental crimes could be forced to pay significant fines and the cost of cleanup, and could be required to make costly changes to business operations. In some cases, the mandated changes could force the business to cease operations.

Defending Against Federal Charges for Environmental Crimes

If you are under investigation or have been charged with an environmental crime, you should treat the situation the same as you would any other criminal charge. Assert your right to remain silent and contact an experienced environmental crimes defense lawyer immediately.

When you work with environmental crimes defense lawyer Hope Lefeber, she will conduct an independent investigation into the allegations to ensure she has the information necessary to prepare a comprehensive and compelling defense strategy. She will work to avoid having charges filed and will represent you during investigations and grand jury proceedings, at pre-trial hearings and negotiations, and, when necessary, at trial.

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Ms. Lefeber began her career as an enforcement attorney with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), where she learned how the federal government prepares and prosecutes a case. Today, she uses that experience to defend clients facing federal criminal charges.

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