Tax Fraud Defense in New York City

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Allegations of tax fraud are serious and can carry severe penalties, including hefty fines and a lengthy prison sentence under federal sentencing guidelines. If you are under investigation or have been charged with tax fraud, you need an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will fight to protect your rights, your freedom, and your reputation.

What Is Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud occurs when individuals or businesses knowingly or intentionally make false statements on tax returns, causing them to underpay or fail to pay their tax obligations. While the federal government can choose to pursue tax cases both civilly and criminally, federal prosecutors are increasingly filing criminal charges against people who are suspected of making false statements on tax returns.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the federal agency within the Department of the Treasury that is tasked with collecting and processing tax returns and investigating cases of suspected tax fraud. Recently, the IRS has stepped up its investigation and prosecution of fraud cases. People accused of tax fraud often face additional criminal charges, including allegations of conspiracy, as prosecutors claim that the person accused of fraud was working with one or more other people in a scheme to commit a tax crime. A conviction on charges of tax fraud and conspiracy can carry severe penalties that can include hefty fines and years in prison. The government often casts a wide net, ensnaring accountants, bookkeepers, administrative staff and others in order to reach its targets.

If you are under investigation for tax fraud, received a subpoena, or if IRS agents came to your house or business, you need effective legal representation fast. Working with an experienced tax fraud defense lawyer can mean the difference between your freedom and years in prison.

Hope Lefeber — Vigorous Defense Against Allegations of Fraud

Federal criminal defense lawyer Hope Lefeber has been defending people accused of crimes in federal court for more than 30 years. She has earned a reputation as a fierce defender of her clients, their rights, and their freedom. She began her career as an Enforcement Attorney with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), where she learned first-hand how the government prepares and prosecutes cases. Today, she uses that experience to defend people accused of crimes in federal court.

Ms. Lefeber is highly respected among her colleagues in the federal bar, federal judges, federal prosecutors, and her clients for her meticulous preparation and thorough analysis of every case she handles. She has earned a reputation as a fierce and tenacious litigator who is committed to seeking justice on behalf of her clients. Vehemently opposed to prosecutorial overcharging and governmental over-reaching, Ms. Lefeber believes that an aggressive defense is the best way to achieve results such as a favorable plea deal, dismissal of the charges, or a Not Guilty verdict.

Examples of Tax Fraud

Ms. Lefeber represents accountants, CPAs, businessmen and women, individuals, and corporate taxpayers who are under investigation or have been charged with tax fraud. Common allegations include:

  • Failure to file an income tax return
  • Tax evasion
  • Intentional underreporting of income
  • Improper deductions
  • Filing false income tax returns
  • Failing to report international income
  • Assisting in the preparation of false tax returns
  • Failure to pay withholding tax
  • Money laundering

If you are under investigation or have been charged with tax fraud, you need to act quickly. Getting a lawyer on your side as soon as possible can mean the difference between a successful outcome and years in prison.

New York City Criminal Defense Attorney

If you believe you are under investigation for tax fraud, act quickly and contact an experienced tax fraud defense lawyer as soon as possible. New York City federal defense lawyer Hope Lefeber fiercely defends her clients’ rights and is tireless in her pursuit of justice. She carefully scrutinizes every piece of evidence the government intends to introduce, and frequently works with forensic accountants and other experts to challenge the government’s evidence, protect her clients, and help them avoid conviction.

Ms. Lefeber has defended high-profile clients including executives of Fortune 500 Companies, businessmen and women, professors, doctors, accountants, healthcare professionals and lawyers who have been facing federal criminal charges. She has lectured on federal criminal law topics and has appeared on TV as a legal expert.

If you are facing allegations of federal tax fraud, Hope Lefeber should be your first call. Contact Ms. Lefeber today by calling 610-668-6556 or completing the online form.