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Anyone who uses the U.S. mail, deposits a check, makes a telephone call, sends anything through UPS or FedEx, or sends an email, fax, or text message is at risk for federal prosecution on charges of mail or wire fraud. Federal prosecutors often charge people with mail or wire fraud when they lack the evidence for another criminal charge, or when criminal charges can only be proven under state law.

To convict someone of mail or wire fraud, federal prosecutors must be able to prove that a criminal defendant acted with a knowing and willful intent to commit fraud. Accidental or unintentional acts that result in the loss of money or property do not constitute a crime because there was no intent to commit fraud. Even so, in cases where an alleged victim has suffered an economic loss, it is not uncommon for federal prosecutors to aggressively pursue mail and wire fraud charges against innocent people who did not intend to commit any harm.

If you believe that you are under investigation or have been charged with federal mail and wire fraud in the New York City area, you need an experienced, tenacious criminal defense lawyer on your side who will do everything possible to protect your rights and seek justice on your behalf.

Hope Lefeber - Your Defense Against Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Charges

New York City criminal defense lawyer Hope Lefeber has been representing people accused of crimes in federal courts for more than 30 years. She is a fierce defender of her clients’ constitutional rights and has earned a reputation as an aggressive litigator whose clients are her first priority. Ms. Lefeber is highly respected by her colleagues in the federal bar, and by federal prosecutors, federal judges, and her clients for her meticulous preparation and extraordinary attention to detail.

She began her career as an enforcement attorney with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) where she learned first-hand how the government prepares and prosecutes cases. Today, she uses that experience to defend people who have been accused of crimes in federal court.

If you or someone you care about is facing federal mail and wire fraud charges, Hope Lefeber should be your first call. She is passionately committed to opposing government overreaching and overcharging by federal prosecutors and vehemently defends her clients with skill, passion, and experience.

Allegations of Federal Mail and Wire Fraud in NYC

A person can be charged with federal mail and wire fraud even if there is no actual loss of money or property. To convict someone of mail or wire fraud, the government must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant participated in the allegedly fraudulent scheme with knowledge and intent to commit fraud. The government will attempt to use circumstantial evidence to prove the defendant had knowledge of and intent to commit the alleged fraud.

The prosecution uses mail and wire fraud charges as a “catch-all” for many kinds of activities. This may include the transmission of false documents or documents containing misrepresentations, accepting payment for services without intending to provide them, accepting payment for goods without intending to deliver them, or accepting payment for goods with the intent to deliver goods other than those which were agreed upon. These crimes can be prosecuted as mail and wire fraud if the information was transmitted using the U.S. Mail or another delivery service such as UPS or FedEx, if it was sent electronically as an email, fax, or text message, if a check was deposited in connection with the allegedly fraudulent activity, or if information pertaining to the alleged fraud was discussed over the telephone.

Good faith is often the best defense against charges of mail and wire fraud. A defendant can avoid conviction for mail and wire fraud by showing an honest belief that his or her actions were legitimate and lawful. One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate good faith is by relying on existing industry standards or conditions to show that a defendant’s conduct was typical and acceptable in the industry when the alleged fraud occurred.

Allegations of mail and wire fraud are complex, and a successful defense requires an attorney who understands how to analyze financial transactions. Because fraud cases often involve large amounts of highly complex and technical financial information, you need a criminal defense attorney who is well-versed in the business and financial industries and who can understand and analyze large amounts of highly technical information.

Hope Lefeber - Business Expertise and Aggressive NYC Criminal Defense

Based on her experience as an enforcement attorney with the SEC and more than 30 years defending people accused of fraud and other white-collar crimes, Hope Lefeber has a deep understanding of business and financial fraud cases and knows how to defend people who are facing these kinds of allegations. She has received numerous accolades for her work and has successfully represented high-profile clients including executives of Fortune 500 companies, businessmen and women, professors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, healthcare professionals and individuals involved in securities transactions. She has also lectured on federal criminal topics and been asked to appear on TV as a legal expert.

If you are facing allegations of federal mail and wire fraud, you need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer on your side who will analyze and challenge the government’s evidence and vehemently defend your rights. Contact Hope Lefeber today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case. Call 610-668-7927 or complete the online form.