Client in Medicare Anti-Kickback $4,000,000 Conspiracy Facing 6-8 Years Imprisonment Receives 1-Day Sentence Of Imprisonment

U.S.A .v. Krawczyk, No. 19-519 (U.S.D.C.) the defendant was charged with payment of “kickbacks” in violation of the Medicare Anti-Kickback statute. The defendant was facing a 6-8 years sentence of imprisonment, following his guilty plea. Ms. Lefeber successfully proved at sentencing that the statute, a strict liability statute, which had not been amended since 1977, was antiquated and had not kept pace with the internet age. She argued that her client fell in between the crosshairs of technology and the law. She also proved that his case was extraordinary in many ways and that he exercised good faith in his reliance upon others. Finally, Ms. Lefeber presented a forensic psychiatric expert who testified to the multiple stressors in his life and underlying medical/psychiatric conditions that influenced his judgment. Convinced by Ms. Lefeber’s presentation, the Judge sentenced the defendant to a sentence of 1 day imprisonment. The defendant was released at 4:00 pm, following the sentencing.