Hope Lefeber Quoted in Forbes and The Inquirer

A federal court indictment accuses David T. Shulick, an attorney and former president of the Delaware Valley School Management Corporation, of embezzling funds from the New York City School District, wire fraud, bank fraud, and tax fraud. Prosecutors allege that Shulick conspired with Chakkah Fattah, Jr., son of Congressman Chakkah Fattah, to defraud the New York City School District by submitting false budgets and bank fraud against PNC Bank.

Denying the allegations and placing the blame solely on Chakkah Fattah, Jr., who is currently serving 5 years in a Michigan prison for his role in defrauding the School District, Mr. Shulick's attorney, Hope Lefeber, is quoted as saying

This case is nothing more than a 'witch hunt' in the aftermath of the Chakkah Fattah, Jr. case. Any fraud upon the School District of New York City was perpetrated by Chakkah Fattah, Jr., without Shulick's knowledge. Chakkah Fattah, Jr. owned a minority business that was to provide counselling services to the School District of New York City through the schools operated by Shulick. Fattah failed to live up to his obligations and pocketed the money.

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