Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you are facing criminal charges, choosing the best criminal defense lawyer for your case is one of the most important decisions you will make. You will spend considerable time with your attorney, especially in a federal criminal case. Criminal convictions can lead to hefty fines and severe penalties, including spending years of your life in prison. You will want the best criminal defense attorney on your side to reduce or eliminate your sentence.

1. Qualifications and Years of Experience

When searching for the best criminal defense lawyer to represent you, you need to evaluate the qualifications and experience of the attorneys that you may be considering hiring. If you are facing federal charges, it is important to choose someone who specializes in federal criminal cases, has a keen understanding of the federal sentencing guidelines, and who has significant experience representing people in federal court.

2. Legal Victories

In federal crimes cases the stakes are extremely high. When selecting the best criminal defense lawyer for your case, you should research the successes an attorney had for their previous clients. The ultimate goal is to achieve a “not-guilty” verdict, or at the very least, a significantly reduced sentence for the charges you are facing. If an attorney has a long-standing record of courtroom victories, the chances of reaching this goal are much higher.

3. Personalized Attention

It is crucial to find an experienced attorney who will represent you from start to finish and at all stages of the proceedings, whom you can count on to know every detail about your case. In many larger law firms, your initial meeting will be with a partner who has years of experience. But, in many instances, the partner will hand off your case to a lesser experienced associate to handle the day-to-day details of your case.

Not only does it make you feel secure to know that an experienced attorney has your back and is there for you day-in and day-out, it also could mean the difference between a guilty verdict and your freedom. When reviewing discovery and other evidence, selecting an expert witness to support your defense, or having the ability to sway a jury, a more experienced lawyer providing you personalized attention is key.

4. Trust and Compatibility

When choosing the best criminal defense lawyer to represent you, it is important to communicate with your attorney, on many levels, and to feel secure about your decision. You should feel they will do everything in their power to protect you and to fight for your rights.

While your lawyer does not need to be your new best friend, it is important that you choose an attorney you feel comfortable spending time with and with whom you can relate and connect. Your ability to communicate with your attorney is a critical part of your defense, so much so that the law recognizes a sacred attorney-client privilege, which protects every word you and your attorney utter.

5. Cost of Hiring an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

When evaluating the best criminal defense lawyer for your case, cost may be an important factor. It is important to consider that the highest quality legal work will likely involve a very substantial amount of time and preparation that will go into reviewing the documents at issue in your case, preparing, filing, and arguing motions, attending pre-trial conferences and other court hearings.

When retaining an attorney who has provided a low-cost quote for their legal services, be mindful that you often get what you pay for. Lawyers who do not devote the time that is necessary to get good results may come to court under-prepared, or may plead their client out at the earliest opportunity so as to minimize the time needed on your case.

On the other hand, large law firms present their own challenges with large overhead and multiple levels of support staff, all of which are ultimately paid for by their clients.

Is Hope C. Lefeber the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case?

New York City criminal defense attorney Hope Lefeber has been representing people accused of crimes in federal court for more than 30 years. She began her career as an enforcement attorney with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), where she learned first-hand how the government prepares and prosecutes federal crimes.

Ms. Lefeber has routinely been named as a SuperLawyer and as one of the Top 100 Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Ms. Lefeber will personally handle every detail of your case. She is a meticulously prepared and tenacious advocate who is not afraid to fight for her client’s rights against the juggernaut that is the federal government and its army of criminal prosecutors.

Ms. Lefeber knows how to prepare a case and is not afraid to take it to trial. She is zealously prepared and has a strong courtroom presence and vast knowledge of federal criminal law. She has won numerous acquittals on behalf of her clients and has gotten extraordinary reductions and downward variances at sentencing. Ms. Lefeber has earned a reputation among her clients, her colleagues, and federal court judges as a fierce and tenacious defender of her clients’ rights.

Learn more about Hope Lefeber and the kinds of cases she handles, read testimonials from other people she has helped, and contact Ms. Lefeber today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your situation and how she can help.